Somewhere I’ll Find You (Lisa Kleypas, Capital Theatre #2)

2.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
I’m oddly ambivalent about this book – it was a quick and easy read with interesting characters, but, on the other hand, neither Julia nor Damon were compelling or engaging in the way I’d hoped.  There are a lot of intriguing, distracting plot lines that remain either half-developed or half-heartedly resolved, and ultimately it feels like everything comes too easily, which you never want to see in a romance, which is all about the journey rather than the foregone conclusion.  It’s not one I’d want to keep in my collection, but it wasn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Greater Detail:
There are all sorts of things happening in this novel, which is what intrigues the reader but is also, ultimately, its biggest weakness – a surfeit of characters and plot lines that are all underdeveloped:
1.     Julia Hargate and Damon Savage have been married since they were children – an association arranged by their fathers for a transfer of social status and money, but they’ve never really met…
2.     Despite being from a wealthy family and (via the arranged marriage) a future duchess, Julia has chosen to act on stage under the assumed name of Jessica Wentworth.  Like her unmarried, elderly mentor, she believes that between career and family, she’ll only ever be able to have one…
3.     Julia acts with the famous Logan Scott, who has a mysterious scorned-love past of his own.  The public assumes that they are lovers, and they do have a complicated friendship…
4.     There’s also Pauline, Damon’s ex-lover who claims to be pregnant with his child

Now, any of the above plotlines could give you enough drama to fill a novel, not to mention Damon’s younger brother, who almost starts a duel, Julia’s friend Arlyss and her love story, a father’s illness, another’s death… and while all of this is interesting, none of it feels satisfying.  Pauline had the potential to be a marvelous adversary, but is dealt with quite easily. The reconciliation between Julia and her father feels rushed and borderline unnecessary.  And most importantly, Julia and Damon fall for each other too quickly, making their emotions feel less believable, less compelling, and ultimately less memorable.  Somewhere I’ll Find You is a quick and easy read, and just as quickly and easily forgotten.

Other Things to Know:
Logan Scott is portrayed as a legendary actor/manager/theater director and he eventually gets his own story in Because You’re Mine.

Comparisons to Other Authors:
Lisa Kleypas is a best-selling author and though she has focused more recently on modern romance, she is one of the queens of the historical romance genre.  Compared to Stephanie Laurens, Kleypas tends to have more individualized characters, a better supporting cast, but less sensual/erotic love scenes.  She’s less funny and her characters and scenarios are less light-hearted than Julia Quinn, but her characters tend to have a greater degree of physical attraction/sensuality compared to Quinn.

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