No Matter What (Debi Gliori)

Recommended, Repeatable

This is a wonderfully illustrated book with a universal message — that there is no limit to a parent’s love for their child.  Here, Small (a young fox) anxiously asks his/her parent (Large) a string of questions — all intended to test the limits of Large’s love for Small.  (No gender is assigned to either the parent or the child, so that it’s suitable for either parent to read to their children).  The young fox asks what would happen if he/she were stinky, grumpy, or somehow became a grizzly bear or a stinky bug.  Large, the older fox, continuously reassures that he/she would love Small, no matter what.  It’s nicely rhymed, full of colorful pictures as Small transforms into a variety of imagined animals and moods, and though a bit saccharine, still a wonderful addition to the nighttime library, probably most suitable for older toddlers through preschool-aged children.

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