Mail Harry to the Moon (Robie H. Harris)

Not Recommended, Not Repeatable

An older sibling tries to adjust to having a newborn in the house.  He has several suggestions for what to do about the pesky infant, for example, that he should be flushed down the toilet, thrown in the trash, and as the title suggests, mailed to the moon.  There are many books about how to help older children adjust to a new addition to the family, and though this one is humorous and has cute illustrations, that’s ultimately all it is — which is a missed opportunity, really.  The book could easily have come up with a reason or resolution for the older sibling’s angst.  Instead, he wakes up one day, worries that his brother really was mailed to the moon, and observes that baby Harry is too little to take care of himself, and should be brought back.  Again, while this isn’t terrible, it also isn’t recommendable, mostly because the subject matter makes it a wasted opportunity.

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