The Baby Names Almanac 2013 (Emily Larson)

2 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
Though it’s a fairly detailed list of names and brief descriptions of their meanings, there isn’t really much else this book offers (though then again, it’s called a baby names almanac, so it really, what I was I expecting?) It’s not a complete list (though again, that would be hard), and can be a good starting point for parents trying to pick a name, but in many ways, I think internet lists or even census lists will be just as informative…

Greater Detail:
The first part of this talks about trends in baby names, which are the most popular celebrity names and so on. It’s interesting to skim through, and I especially liked the charts that showed the alternate spellings for a variety of names (Madalyn, Madilyn, Madeleine, vs Aaliyha, Alia, Aleigha etc just kind of tickled my funny bone).

There are also charts about names that moved significantly down or up the list… that Kinsley and Kenzi are way more popular, etc.

Otherwise, it’s basically what the title would have you believe, a fairly comprehensive list of names with some brief definitions (though all very, very short, for example: Michewa (Tibetan), sent from Heaven). I don’t think it’s very complete (one of my children’s names is not in the book, and one of my friend’s kid’s name, also not included… though I only looked up a few)… and I think you can find better, more complete names lists on the internet, which is why it gets the low rating.

Comparisons to Other Authors:
I haven’t read anything else by this author, or much in this general genre. There tend to be a lot of similar lists posted online these days, and so that’s what I used when it was necessary…

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