Lemons are Not Red (Laura Vaccaro Seeger)

Recommended, Repeatable

This is an incredibly clever children’s book. It goes through a series of things made up in pairs: the first page shows a cut-out of a lemon, against a red backdrop, and tells you “Lemons are not red” you turn the page, and you the cut-out is now against a yellow background, you’re told “Lemons are yellow” and you see the next page “Apples are red” (which provided the backdrop for the lemon). It’s clever and cute and has all the objects and pictures that are right in the wheelhouse of a 2-3 year old toddler. The only problem is, if you have a energetic toddler, who might want to interact with the book, some of the cut-outs are a little fragile, so I’m not positive how careful you’d have to be if you really wanted to rotate this into your regular routine. An older kid would probably get bored, and a younger one might not have been trained well enough to be that careful…

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