Hello World! We’re Changing Things Around Here…

Hello World!

We’ve gone through some changes here at booknosh, and will be changing a few things moving forward.

Moving forward, we’re only going to have one regular poster, Aidyra, though some of our other past reviewers will probably still post occasional guest posts!

As such, we’re going to change our schedule and focus a little:

1. We’re going to aim for one review or some kind of positing once a week.

2. We’re going to gear more and more toward lists, as they’re more fun :) essays, and an interview now and again.

3. We are also, officially accepting requests from new authors again. However, our genres are very limited: literary fiction (self-published or through a traditional house), historical romance, children’s, middle grade and young adult. Read our updated about section for more details.

OK, that’s all for now :) Thanks for reading!

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