An Above Average Iron Man Book…

I’ve got a toddler who’s obsessed with Iron Man, and so we’ve been buying these ~$5 Iron Man books for a while now. The short version? It’s better than average and a good “deal” considering it’s two books in one and has two pages of Iron Man stickers your kid can go bonkers about.


1. It’s two books in one (a Friends and Foes story, and another Ultimo story), for the price of just one.

2. It’s about similar reading-level/writing-quality as other Iron Man books this size, which means, not-too-high, but not-terrible either.

3. My toddler, at least, loves that it’s two different books in one and that he can flip it over and have the next one read to him,


1. The writing level on most of these are just… not great.

2. The story moves along at a quick pace (lots of action scenes, like a movie), but the Friends/Foes part isn’t really a story so much as a run-down of the cast of characters (Pepper, Rhodey, etc)

3. Continuity Requirements: the Ultimo story is really an Empire Strikes Back type of a thing — the story starts with Iron Man returning from a mission (so you’ll feel like there’s back-story you’re missing if you haven’t read that one) and then ends (spoilers ahead) unhappily.. with the bad guy more or less winning, temporarily.

I think this is a nice one for pre-teens and younger who really like Iron Man and like the idea of the characters they might recognize (from the movies) being rewritten as high-school characters.

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