The Rescue Team — Despite there being 100+ good reviews… I found this book very, very difficult to finish

2 out of 5 stars

First a small disclaimer: I got this book because it was going through a free promotion at the time… it had great reviews and I thought, why not? Since it already had so many positive reviews, it’s possible that I went into it biased, which I have to be honest about.

Also… a warning: spoilers ahead. Don’t read this review if you don’t want spoilers.



1. It’s wholesome. I don’t remember the last time I read something this wholesome, where the animals (despite sometimes being abandoned and/or abused) are trusting. The neighbors and friends and total strangers are trusting and sincere and… salt-of-the-earth-good.

2. It has cute protagonists — a cuddly, smiley dog and a little search-and-rescue companion kitten? Totally cute main characters that will make you want to go to your pet (or get a pet) to cuddle up against.

3. I liked the whole animals-as-main-characters thing.

1. It just felt so… slow. Not slow in terms of nothing’s-happening, but because the way everything’s told just feels… slow. Even when things are happening (mild spoilers: they find a kitten, they rescue a girl, etc)

2. There’s almost NO tension. Despite the fact that it starts on a downer (and it turns out that a couple of the protagonists have interesting/sad backstories) it quickly becomes apparent that this is a feel-good book… almost too-feel-good. Everyone cat, every person, every THING that might at one point be in danger… gets saved. More than just saved, it gets the happiest version of the happy ending. After a while, it stops mattering that there are dangers (tornados, lost girls, etc) you just know it’s all going to work out. Like I said… wholesome… but almost TOO wholesome, to the point that there’s no dramatic tension, despite the fact that there’s, you know, tornadoes!

3. Honestly, despite the fact that this is mostly well-written, I had trouble staying interested, and also found it difficult to finish the book…

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