Books with Morals: The Little House

3.5 out of 5 stars

Recommended, Not Repeatable

In 1943, Virginia Lee Burton won the Caldecott Medal for this book, a sweet little story about an expressive, innocent little country house that wishes for nothing more than to be lived in and enjoy the world around it. Though it’s initially curious about all of the changes happening around it (that houses are getting closer, that the countryside seems to be gradually getting replaced), it’s a careful-what-you-wish-for scenario. The little house realizes that as time passes, it’s become a little… too old-fashioned. No one wants to live in it any more, and the cold, bustling city that grows around it feels suffocating.

It’s a cute story… but feels almost too get-it? get-it? in terms of messaging to me. It’s a nice message, and I didn’t mind it at all, but I think my kids (~3yrs old) are a little too young for the message, and not drawn enough by the pictures…

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