Diary of an Almost Cool Girl: My New School — Book 1

1.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:

This is your basic new girl, new school, diary-entry book. What it has going for it are some great moments of humor where the voice of your young narrator has been expertly captured. On the other hand, there are also grammatical errors (and there’s no real way to tell if they’re intentional), the plot is uneven, with far too much narrative as opposed to action, and it’s just very meh. As an adult reviewing this, I found it hard to get through and a little forced, despite some good moments here and there.

Greater Detail:

She’s a girl who would like to be cool… but isn’t. She has the normal crushes (Twilight series hunks, a boy in the class), and some embarrassing escapades (Dora the Explorer underpants that get lost and then… found). She has a well-meaning mother (who mixes up things like what day the kids are playing dress up at school), and makes a couple friends.

There’s really nothing particularly wrong here (a couple of grammatical and/or spelling errors, which could be either the author or intentional misspellings that are supposed to be more representative of a girl that age). There’s just also, nothing particularly right: a protagonist who seems to whine a little too much (even relative to the age group, making her a little hard to like) and characters that feel more like caricatures than people we can really get our heads and arms around.

Comparison to Other Authors/Books:

It feels clear that this is meant to be a version of the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid/Dork Kid series… I’ve never particularly been a fan of those either… but they’re more likeable, with more fully drawn characters than this. For mischievous young girl protagonists, I prefer someone like Clementine, which is similar age-group and diary-like voice.

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