Stuck (Oliver Jeffers)

3 out of 5 stars
While I generally like this artist’s style of art, I think this story is a relatively weaker venue in terms of showcasing his art/creativity.

The story is a bit like a too-long joke that just keeps going and going and going (with an okay punchline at the end). A young boy gets his kite stuck in a tree, and so he throws… a ladder, a saw, firemen, etc… and instead of dislodging his kite (and instead of using the ladder to say, climb the tree) EVERYTHING gets stuck in the tree.

Parts of it are funny, and my three-year-old did like it the first time through… but hasn’t really asked for it since.

Also, I’m really not thrilled to have a kid’s book where someone throws a saw into a tree. BUT, the main reason I’m giving it 3-stars is because as a reader, I thought the joke wore on a little too long, and my kid hasn’t asked for it again, which means it was kind of meh in his book as well.

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