Weekend Wonder Detox (Michelle Schoffro Cook)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
As someone who’s never tried a “detox” week/weekend/recipe and who still isn’t going to, I’m clearly not the target demographic for this book. Still, it was a quick and interesting read. I found the beginning sections citing toxins in our food/processing systems/packaging systems to be far more informational than the latter “solutions” type of sections, but it’s possible I’m just always more interested in the problems than in the so-called fixes. The writer has a nice, succinct style of writing, and the sections are clearly organized and well delineated. That said, I’m a skeptic who stayed a skeptic. Despite the persuasive writing and authoritative tone, I wasn’t invested enough by the earlier sections to want to actually try any of the detoxes described. I’m giving it 3.5-stars because it was well-written, interesting and entertaining… not because I tried any of the solutions recommended within.

Greater Detail:
I’m not someone who’s into or usually reads about “cleanses” or “detox” weekends. Too often, these are health solutions that seems poorly researched and where every other paragraph is something along the lines of: you’re eating chemicals! And chemicals are BAD. (As a former teacher and scientist, it’s hard for me not to roll my eyes and say: EVERYTHING has chemicals!!!!)

Still, received this for free on NetGalley, and thought: why not?

For the most part, I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s well written, with little hand-waving in the form of all-chemicals-are-evil. Instead, Cook focused on a few “toxins” that she believes are pervasive and cited a lot of peer-reviewed studies along the way. (That’s not to say she didn’t sometimes over-generalize with blanket statements like: there’s no need to add fluoride to water, we’re over-fluoridated as it is, which yes, fluoridation is somewhat controversial, but that was more of a blanket statement without follow-up in this book.)

But… despite the fact that I found this to be an interesting and entertaining read, it did not ultimately inspire me to try any of the many detox methods. I read about them and felt that they seemed a little hard, despite the author’s effort to make them see doable and specialized to your specific needs. So, for me it’s a 3.5-star for clear writing, concise, well-formulated arguments, but no in terms of making a practical difference to my life/lifestyle.

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