Hard to Get (Carole Mortimer)

Rape, Revenge, and Not Much Romance

0 out of 5 stars

I read this many, many years ago when I was younger and more impressionable. At the time, I thought it was an “intense” love story, going back and re-reading it, I’m a bit shocked and appalled. There are major spoilers below:

1. The main love story between the two leads feels like mostly arrogant, slightly spoiled adults who have a burning physical passion that… never develops beyond that.

2. Not only does the hero rape the heroine, he then more or less chastises her (saying that he couldn’t believe she was a virgin, that she was nothing but a tease… this, you know, after raping her).

3. Everything is driven by revenge because the hero’s mother left him and his father (the father was abusive, and so she left for another man, but also to escape). So he’s hung onto this grudge against his now-dead mother for twenty years and… that’s why he marries the heroine.

I mean, most of the story feels almost nonsensical. Jordan is just so… mean and cruel that there’s nothing to ever make you like him, and the last minute apologies feel forced and insincere. I mean, there’s alpha hero, and then there’s cruelty for no real reason, this felt like that latter. The romance is under-developed and kind of lost under the angsty/angry sex/physical attraction.

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