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My Creation Station (Guest Post by Jessica Ashley Dafoe)

Waking up Saturday mornings bright and early, while the sun is just rising to stream through the cracks of my bedroom blinds is my most favourite part of the day and week. Monday to Friday I slump to my feet, brush my teeth, eyes half closed, attempting to tick off the items that need to get done that day at the school where I teach. My energy level remains stagnant until at least 8 a.m. then I finally have myfirst sip of coffee and am able to liven up for my class of cuties. On Saturdays, my schedule is wide open to do nothing but WRITE and just the thought of having an entire day to myself, interruption free, to purely put pen to paper, or I suppose fingers to keyboard, is heavenly to me.  It’s an indescribable energy that surges through me waking me as early as 6 in the morning; one that I can’t explain and one that disallows me to nod back off to sleep. I don’t even curse the early time and the fact that I’m awake. I jump up and let the energy plot my course.

That course often takes me out of my 10th floor condo and down the road to one of countless coffee shops in the vicinity of my residence. This is entirely perfect seeing as when it comes to writing, I never visit the same coffee shop twice in a row. I need a selection and a change of scenery often.  The bustle of activity that surrounds me, the rhythm of the music that gently hums throughout the selected coffee shop of the day, the sound of the frother and the glorious aromas of the delicious blends of imported and local beans, the cheerful conversations between patrons at adjacent tables to my own, these are all welcome elements and necessary for the perfect setting while creating. Silence is death to my writing, no… more like murder.

If I attempt to write at home, the only area that proves to result in productivity is the balcony off of my sitting area. On the balcony I can hear the laughter of children at the park next to my condo and in the summer see them zipping through the spraying water at the splash pad. I see people jogging by and others walking hand in hand. At times the pub down the road hires bands to play on the patio in the middle of the afternoon and I let the harmonies resulting from their creativity inspire my own.


Seeing as I am not only a writer butan educator as well, I am fortunate enough to be given a number of weeks off throughout the calendar year. These weeks usually result in me heading off on numerous trips to a variety of destinations. I must say that I tend to glean remarkable benefits due to such experiences. From the people I meet, to the new surroundings I am able to become familiar with I have come to realize that it is when I travel that I collect much of my inspiration. New York, Paris, Montreal and even Vegas, have been sources of inspiration as of late.

I am a lively and active woman who needs activity and a buzz of energy around me when I write. If it isn’t there, I search it out, even if it means hopping a plane to find my muse.

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Author Bio:
Jessica Ashley Dafoe resides in Toronto where she is an educator by day and a literary enthusiast and writer by night. She attained her BA in English Literature at The University of Ottawa and her B Ed at Brock and Queen’s University.

When Jessica does not have her nose in a book or is not scribbling out her ideas for her newest tantalizing tales, she’s most likely keeping busy trying out various exciting activities and delicious cuisine that the great city of Toronto has to offer or planning her next getaway to her immediate destination of choice. The travelling bug bites her often.

A romantic comedy addict to the core, she enjoys all things silly, frivolous and emotionally endearing which is the reason she writes stories that encompass all of these qualities.

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But with rock bottom comes a choice, lie down and enjoy the cold and barren ground beneath, or climb that ladder of success to the top. Portia finally sets out to do just that. With a fantastic group of friends and a bit of fateful circumstance on her side, she begins her trek up and out of the despair filled trenches. But Portia soon finds out that with success, often comes hardships and unwelcome competition.



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