Thief of Shadows (Elizabeth Hoyt)

4 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:

Some nice characterization, some very intense sexual chemistry, and a lot of nice twists here and there: she’s the wealthy and experienced one, he’s the virgin with no real position. The background intrigue is just so-so (I often find it hit-or-miss) and the story-within-a-story was similarly just… ok and the Maiden Lane series with its many, many Ghosts of St. Giles is not holding together as believably as I’d like now that I’m a few books in. Still, the core romance is strongly written and has believable dips and climaxes that keep you entertained and emotionally involved.

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The Ideal Bride (Stephanie Laurens, Cynsters #11)

1.5 out of 5 stars

Definitely a disappointment…

This novel follows Michael Anstruther-Wetherby (he was tangentially introduced in Devil’s Bride, as he’s Honoria’s younger brother)during his search for the perfect political wife… someone who is passably pretty, who is a talented hostess and will help him in every step of his career. We’ve got the normal “what I think I want” vs. “what will make me happy” tension in that he originally picks a young, malleable gal and eventually sees the error of his ways, and there’s the trademark Laurens sensuality as well as the typical mystery/back story (spoilers below). The problem is… this was actually a very boring novel. Micheal is so supercilious about all-things-political that it was hard for me NOT to roll my eyes whenever we were following his thoughts… ¬†also, because political careers are at stake, it’s all about not only social machinations, but the theories behind what it means to be diplomatic, and unobtrusive, etc, etc. It just… doesn’t have the normal depth of heat of her other novels, and is definitely a skippable-entry in the Cynster series.

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