Dinosaur A-Z: For Kids Who Really Love Dinosaurs

Good for ages 2-7 years old

3.5 out of 5 stars

This is one of those solidly middle-of-the-road purchases. If your toddler (or toddler+) really likes dinosaurs, then this is a workhouse A-Z listing of facts, pictures etc about, well, dinosaurs.


1. There are a lot of easier words that are highlighted throughout the book (long, grab, back, etc) to try to teach your emerging reader to participate and help you read.

2. Age-appropriate facts and lots of nice how big would this dinosaur be compared to a human pictures.

3. Facts are all told from the “I” perspective (“I am only about 3 feel long…” says the F is for Fabrosaurus) which helps my litter ones engage.


1. There are some popular dinosaurs missing, which my little ones find disappointing (no T for T Rex, no P for Pteranodon, no B for Brachiosaurus).

2. Though the pictures are bright, they’re not really very varied, it’s all front view and/or side view + the size comparison.

 3. Similarly, it feels like the same facts over and over again (with little diversity in terms of what points are shared, it’s all size, eating, and a third point and we’re done!)
My kids come back to it every now and again, but it’s solidly middle or perhaps slightly above-middle-of-the-road compared against other dinosaur books in our collection.

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