The Big Orange Book of Beginning Books (Dr. Seuss)

Recommended, Repeatable

This is a great book for beginning readers — not only are the pictures engaging in the way that all Seuss-drawn books are, but the words are simple and meant to be either already in the emerging reader’s vocabulary, or on the edge of what they can do. There are great rhymes (which adds to the young reader’s ability to guess at what the words they can’t read must be), and as always, the story flow is great.

There are a total of six books and the only real drawback is that not all of the books are illustrated by Seuss (only I think the first two are both written and illustrated by Seuss, that those are definitely our two favorites (Marvin K. Mooney, Will you Please Go Now! and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff). I think all the books are good, but the collection is definitely worth owning for nothing more than the first two books if you’re a die-hard Seuss fan, or just looking for something that will hold your emerging reader’s interest.

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