Founded in 2012 by two over-educated, under-worked book-aholics, booknosh.com is a place to go to for independent, unbiased reviews. Our aim is to expose people to new and upcoming authors, as well as compile best-of lists for prolific, established authors.

We read all genres, though we initially focused on romance, science fiction/fantasy, nonfiction and fiction.

Our reviews always have the following format:

1. Cut the Chase — because sometimes, you just want the quick yes or no.

2. Greater Detail — for those of you who want a mini-non-spoilerific synopsis to let you know a little more about the style and characterization

3. Comparisons to Other Authors/Books — are included in our genre fiction reviews, so that you’ll have a better sense of how well a new author might compare against other works and writers.

Each of our reviewers has a slightly different style and uses the rating scale in our own way; you can read more about these in our About the Reviewers section. One of the conventions a couple of us use is our ”20 Pages of Terrible” rule — even though we’re avid readers, sometimes a book is just too bad to force ourselves through.  In that case, we read at least 20 pages, and then write an incomplete review to save others from the same fate.

 Our current publishing schedule:

New Reviews in Romance every Monday and Friday

New Reviews in Sci-Fi/Fantasy every Tuesday and Thursday

New Reviews in Children’s/Young Adult every Wednesday

We don’t always publish on Saturdays and Sundays, but will often have miscellaneous reviews or other kinds of posts on these days.

Additional information:

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  1. Well it’s about time 2 over educated and under-worked book alcoholics or I’m sorry I meant book-aholics founded a website with some real unbiased opinions bases on the content of a book rather than the bias toward an author. Thank you I look forward to reading again which unfortunately people don’t do enough of anymore.
    Hopefully this website will assist in bringing back the past time of reading again. The importance of exploring other peoples minds and innermost thoughts through their writings.
    This really is great!

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