Goodnight, I Love You (Caroline Jayne Church)

Not Recommended, Repeatable 

Similar to I Love You Through and Through, this book has great, simplistic illustrations that really hold your toddler’s attention (there’s just something about them that speaks to them!) This book, however, though it’s a simple bedtime routine, just isn’t as fun/engaging as other books where Church has been the illustrator and not the writer (odd thing to say, I know, considering some of these books have fewer than 100 words, but still). It’s not bad, but there are better versions of the going-to-bed-story.

I Love You Through and Through (Bernadette Rossetti Shustak)

Recommended, Repeatable

This is one of those simple, classic board books, and I’ll admit, it’s a total sucker punch of cuteness, but my toddler loves it, and so I love it. This review will probably be longer than the book (the entire book is basically going through simple body parts and emotions, reiterating that we, as parents, love them completely). But the illustrations (by Caroline Jayne Church) are cute and simple (and totally engaging for my toddler), and it’s one of those reads that have become staples in our family because it’s just so easy — toes, where are your toes! — or — sad, see sad face? — it keeps my toddler’s attention, and it’s a pretty universally mushy message.