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After the Golden Age (Carrie Vaughn)

4 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
After the Golden Age is a contemporary fantasy story set in a comic book style city featuring the powerless adult child of the city’s penultimate superhero group.  I really found this to be a fun book.  The superhero genre seems to be spilling into just about every medium besides comic books nowadays, but this is probably the best adaptation I have seen for making superheros feel organic and like something that could actually be part of everyday life.  The characters are mostly well developed and interesting.  The plot has a few issues (uniting the protagonist’s day-to-day,  introducing new characters, and the overarching storyline), but the book still reads well even if the flow isn’t the smoothest.  The title is a bit misleading, since I would consider the superheros much too complex and angsty to have anything to do with the Golden Age comic book heroes, but I guess it at least indicates that this is a super hero comic themed book.  I would definitely recommend After the Golden Age.  There is a little bit of sex and violence in it, but other than that possible objection, pretty much anyone should enjoy this book.
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