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Giant Thief (David Tallerman)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
Giant Thief is a fun swords-and-sorcery fantasy novel centered on a thief and a giant that he ends up stealing.  I think the author probably would have been better served if he had gone for a more whimsical tone, because while the premise is essentially kind of fun, the author consistently darkens it with people being kind of dour all the time and having fairly bloody battles with heads being chopped off and such.   The setting is pretty much generic low magic fantasy.  The giant, I think, is the only magical element in the book.  In my thinking, if you are going to introduce magic, you might as well go about it wholeheartedly and throw as much fantasy as you can into the mix, but the more restrained approach works all right for this author even if it is a bit less imaginative and fun.  I enjoyed myself while reading this book and didn’t at any point regret having picked it up, so I would recommend it as lite fantasy fare.  You won’t find yourself thinking deeply about anything in the book, but it is a pleasant enough to read.
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