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The Trouble with Dragons (Debi Gliori)

Recommended, Repeatable

This is a wonderfully illustrated book with catchy rhymes and a hidden agenda: teaching kids about environmental responsibility (which definitely means it’s not for everyone).  Probably most suitable for parents who are environmentally conscientious and kids who are at least 3 or 4 and older, this is the “save the environment” version of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.  It’s all about how these wasteful dragons (yes, yes, humans to the parents) are making more and more dragons, polluting, taking up space so that no other creatures have space to live, and basically being completely selfish and destructive.  If you believe that humans are polluting and that events like Earth Day are valuable, then this is a wonderful book to help illustrate some of what we, as humans, are causing, to your young children.  If not, you’ll find this to be too political a book for your kid — there’s probably no middle ground here in a book that is clearly aimed at teaching a lesson (though nicely illustrated regardless of your beliefs).

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