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Miss Nelson is Missing (Harry G Allard, Jr)

Recommended, Repeatable

This is a cute teacher-appreciation story where a classroom of miscreants is used to taking advantage of their too-nice teacher Miss Nelson. They ignore her instructions, they make paper airplanes, don’t focus during story time, and so on. They’re finally forced to behave when Miss Nelson goes missing and is replaced by a horrible, mean, dictatorial substitute teacher. They’re thrilled when she comes back… and it’s cute. The art is the kind of ugly-on-purpose drawings that are actually quite well done, and it’ll keep your toddler’s attention, even if it will get old for you upon repetition.

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The Stupids Step Out (Harry G Allard, Jr; James Marshall)

Not Recommended, Not Repeatable

As a kid, I remember liking this book and thinking it was funny. Now that I’m a parent (and perhaps this makes me a hypocrite), I thought that this book was kind of mean. More than that, it seems to be teaching kids that some people are stupid, and it’s okay to laugh at them for being… dumb. Some of what they do is just crazy (like putting a cat on their head and calling it a hat), but some of it… you could almost imagine someone saying or doing some of it. So it’s about letting your kid read a book where they get to feel smart and superior and laugh at others. But yeah… it’s a little mean, and thus, I don’t know if it’s something you should pick for your kid…

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