Would it Kill You to Stop Doing That? A Modern Guide to Manners (Henry Alford)

0.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
This meandering, long-winded, only occasionally amusing book sorely tested my patience. Though I normally have a high tolerance for fluff, and find myself interested in and by a variety of genres and writing styles, I found this book truly hard to finish: points that could have been made in one sentence would drag on for pages, and I was so irritated by the end that I was tempted to act out, to go through some of the pet peeves/ examples of poor manners listed in the book just to vent some steam. Ultimately, even if you agree that “Thanks, Henry!” should never be shortened to “thx,” that email has given us a convenient excuse to write more aggressively and gossip more than we would normally, or that there are certain rules of polite society that should be observed, you end up not caring by the end of this book.  I’ve never read a book on etiquette before, and now, I’m not sure if I ever can again…
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