Goblin Quest (Jim C Hines, Jig the Goblin #1)

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
Goblin Quest is a fairly ingenious take on the traditional swords-and-sorcery style dungeon exploring quest.  The protagonist isn’t one of the swarthy adventurers exploring the dungeon, but instead, a puny hapless goblin who is captured along the way and forced to help the adventurers seek their fame and treasure.  This is the first in a series, and I will be interested to see how the author is able to continue his clever premise.  The writing is quite impressive; the author is able to write an entire book in the tight confines of a dungeon and yet it still feels quite unforced.  The characters are multifaceted and interesting.  This is actually one of the best examples of the concept of the “hero’s journey” realized in print that I have seen.  I would definitely recommend Goblin Quest to any fan of fantasy.
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