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Chester’s Way (Kevin Henkes)

Recommended, Repeatable

This picture book features Chester and Wilson, mice children who are best friends and a touch on the OCD side, and the indomitable Lilly (of Purple Plastic Purse fame) who ends up the star of any of the books in the series in which she appears.  Lilly attempts to befriend the overly-routinzed duo, who shun her until she saves them from bullies, at which point they all become friends and make shifts to accommodate each other.  This is done so that the message that comes through is “be open to change” rather than “discard your personality so that others will like you.”  The text has a nice symmetrical structure which will make it easy for young readers to anticipate and memorize, and the drawings are charming.  This book is part of the Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse series.

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