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Amortals (Matt Forbeck)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
Amortals is a near future sci-fi thriller that deals with the concept of longevity extending technology and its potential to stagnate society into a dystopia. This is definitely a thriller first and sci-fi second. You won’t get a lot of long winded explanations on society or philosophical spiels on the preciousness of life due to the fact that in every other paragraph the protagonist is tossed around in flying cars, shot at with missiles, or having fistfights. There is definitely a sci-fi component here, and some non fully articulated thoughts on the nature of man, but it’s kept mostly to the margins and serves more as set piece for the protagonist to fight around rather than the driving force of the book. As a thriller it’s good. The characters are interesting enough for you to invest in them without being overly complicated enough to slow down the story, the action is well visualized and exciting with actual tension, and the plot moves along quickly enough that you don’t get bored. I wouldn’t recommend Amortals to every hard sci-fi fan out there, but for someone looking for a quick action thriller with enough sci-fi elements to make you think a bit between fist fights, then I don’t think you’d go wrong with Amortals.

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