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Stardoc (SL Viehl)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
The first book in a ten book series, Stardoc is split between the everyday medical practice on an alien planet and the overarching plot.  Unfortunately, the overarching plot is not very good, while the medical practice is fascinating.  The characters follow this same divide: the protagonist and her love interests are forgettable while the supporting cast, disposable characters, and even the environments are very intriguing.  Severe pacing issues arise, as we are frequently pulled out of the exciting medical practice to address some tedious plot point in the main storyline  There is some non-consensual sex in the book, so readers who are sensitive to such things should steer clear.  Overall, I have to recommend this book just based on the fact that a blend of an excellent sci-fi medical drama and an unexceptional love story/space adventure is absolutely unique — well worth experiencing once.

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