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Spin (Robert Charles Wilson)

2.5 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
Spin attempts to combine a fairly intriguing and original hard sci-fi concept with a deep personal story.  The sci-fi elements really don’t take up that much room; you could probably write them all out in about 10 pages, so the bulk of the book is comprised of the story of one man’s events during this sci-fi event.  Unfortunately, while the sci-fi elements are compelling, the human side of things is maudlin and boring.  The characters are as deep as I have ever seen in a book, with detailed backstories and personal dramas, but at their core they are fundamentally very, very uninteresting and uncompelling characters.  I enjoyed finishing this book, and once the whole sci-fi aspect had been revealed I found myself having fun thinking about it, but the actual experience of reading the book was tedious and unpleasant.  As a genre, hard sci-fi can and should do better at marrying intriguing concepts with compelling stories, so I do not recommend this book.
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