The Old Spook (Charles Ameringer)

1 out of 5 stars

Cut to the Chase:
Ameringer is primarily a non-fiction writer, and he should probably stick to non-fiction. This book reads like a spy dossier, technically detailing events, introducing names with no exposition or character development, and simply documenting a series of missions. The protagonist, Tom Miller, is a CIA agent specializing in Central America during the Cold War era. I was excited to learn more about Latin American modern history through a spy thriller, but instead I was overwhelmed with names and places with no background or context. If you know a lot about Latin American history already, this book may be interesting, spanning several decades and many historical events (including the Bay of Pigs, the Iran-Contra affair and Soviet spies in America during the Cold War). There is no compelling overarching story, merely a review of a spy’s career, interspersed with hints of a personal life that leave the reader wanting to take a nap.

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